Partnership Working

The need for effective partnership working and joined-up service provision has never been greater. Put simply, the problems we face, in 21st Century Britain have causes that are so complex and intertwined that they demand an effective multi-agency response that works with the community rather than for the community.

At the heart of successful partnership working is the ability to communicate to a broad range of people. A successful partnership needs the collective ability to communicate and generate common goals whilst juggling divergent interests and demands. This involves taking into account a wide variety of ideas, opinions and views.

Forging and sustaining effective partnerships is not easy. Our programmes bring together professionals from multidisciplinary teams across a large organisation, such as a Local Authority, to explore what it takes to work together successfully and produce coordinated and effective results. They develop a cohesive approach, a common language and structures for supporting themselves in meeting their targets.

We engage the professionals, deliver an Effective Partnerships Workshop, and then coordinate a follow-up process, supporting the various teams to achieve their targets. This can include individual phone coaching, facilitating steering group meetings and training sessions.