Kaizen Approach to Engagement

We have many years experience in conducting engagement processes, and in particular at reaching harder to engage groups. We have developed a series of engagement models that support the development of strategic engagement planning, and we train managers from across the sector in how to use these models to undertake engagement needs assessments that lead to comprehensive engagement strategies and plans.

Our belief is that engagement lays the foundation for effective programmes, both for funders and participants. However, in practice, the engagement process is almost always not clearly thought out or delivered to the optimum and as a result, programme outputs fall far short of what they could be. In this time of financial squeeze where we all have to do more with less, it is imperative that projects are delivering close to their maximum impact and so engagement is more vital than ever.

We view engagementas a staged process that describes the journey from first contact and initial interest through to effective action or involvement. There are key elements of engagement that hold true across the full spectrum of projects and sectors.

Effective engagement gives the following results:

  • Participants are committed to the programme goals and clear on what is required of them.
  • Participants are genuinely representative of the target group.
  • The programme or course runs at, or very close to, full capacity.

We provide the following types of engagement support to our clients:

  1. Design and Delivery of Engagement Processes. This could be as part of a larger programme or as a stand alone consultation
  2. Training and support packages for engagement teams.
  3. Consultancy on strategic design and engagement planning.

Examples of past engagement projects include:

  • Engagement strategy and skills training for managers and frontline staff across the community sector;
  • Consultancy on community engagement for the Audit Commission;
  • Two 1-year Community Leadership programmes with the London Borough of Camden across five estates to increase resident engagement and improve partnership working between residents and professionals;
  • A community engagement and capacity building project for South Kilburn NDC;
  • Community consultation and research project on environmental volunteering across the 5 Olympic Boroughs, for the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games;
  • Support on community engagement for the Changing Places Programme Board of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games;
  • Expert contribution on community engagement for LEAD International European leadership programme;
  • Delivery of seminars on Engagement at conferences including Chain Reaction, and the Bioregional One Planet Living Conference;
  • Design and delivery of community leadership programmes for the Tutu Foundation across the Midlands;
  • Community engagement for the Adult Learning Partnership in Camden;
  • Youth engagement approach and skills training for Merseyside Fire and Rescue;
  • Design of strategic engagement process for youth programmes for The Salvation Army;
  • Engagement training for the London Wildlife Trust;