Engagement Skills Training

Engagement ends up being delivered by frontline staff, and the best strategy and plans still require delivery by staff that may have little background knowledge, skills or even interest in engagement.

We believe it is essential that the “engager” is competent in the core knowledge and skills of engagement as well as having a positive attitude to the process. The heart of engagement is the development of relationships and networks, which requires clear communication and strong inter-personal skills. Engagers need to be able to engage any type of person, not just people like themselves.

We train staff teams in the core skills of engagement, using the models that we have developed and use in our engagement work. Workshops are bespoke designs and last from 1-2 days.

Organisations we have delivered engagement training for include:

  • Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service
  • Camden Council Housing Department
  • Hampshire County Council
  • Westway Development Trust
  • London Wildlife Trust
  • Southern Housing Group
  • Teach First
  • London Care Solutions


How Participants from Merseyside Fire and Rescue rated the Skills Training

  • 100% rated the quality of the training as Excellent or Very Good
  • 100% rated the development of skills as Excellent or Very Good
  • 100% rated the usefulness of the training as Excellent or Very Good