Community Engagement and Empowerment

Community engagement and empowerment is now as never before at the top of the national agenda.

 We are a leading organisation in the development of engagement theory. We are arguably at the forefront globally in developing engagement thinking and practice, providing consultancy on this within the UK and internationally. Our engagement models have been highlighted as best practice by organisations including DCLG and the Young Foundation.

We provide end-to-end delivery capacity for community engagement: we are able to deliver from the highest strategic levels to street engagement, events and workshops and can facilitate projects at each stage of the development cycle.

  • Community Consultation and Research
  • Design and delivery of multi-agency community engagement and empowerment projects
  • Training on strategic engagement
  • Skills training for frontline staff
  • Being the honest broker in community processes
  • Coaching and individual support
  • Organisational consultancy around engagement and training design
  • Strategic consultancy on community cohesion

Examples of past projects include

Examples of Engagement Consultancy

  • Consultancy and support for the London Legacy Development Corporation in revising their code of consultation for the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
  • Development of a comprehensive action plan on how to build community in a new estate for the London Legacy Development Corporation
  • Facilitation of large scale community meetings in Peckham as part of the community engagement for the proposed major development of the Aylesham Centre.
  • Delivery of a large scale engagement programme for LB Waltham Forest to explore different models for engagement in respect of development including the production of an engagement toolkit for officers
  • Engagement strategy and delivery for LB Lambeth to help design a new framework for how the community part of CIL money is spent. This project was given special commendation in the 2017 New London Architecture Awards.
  • Co-design review for LB Southwark to understand and capture knowledge of what worked and what didn’t work in the 2 large co-design processes in respect of major development in Peckham town centre.
  • Expert facilitation for Hanover Housing Association to develop a resident engagement strategy, working with residents, staff and senior manager to totally overhaul the organisations strategy
  • Strategic support for the Trafford Housing Trust in developing a comprehensive engagement strategy for the redevelopment of a community centre and extra care facility
  • Delivery of a large action research project for 3 of the Sainsbury Family Trusts to look at how improving engagement can impact on project outcomes
  • Development of community engagement framework and strategy for Adur and Worthing District Councils


Community Consultation and Research Experience

  • Undertaking a comprehensive review of tenant and homeowner engagement for Southwark Council with the aim of providing evidence to support improvements to the current structures and ways of working, including consultation with over 1000 residents.
  • Large-scale community research, engagement and community building in a housing estate in South London, on behalf of Viridian Housing. This was a long-term project that involved interviews and engagement with residents, community workshops (including a youth workshop), supporting residents to agree on how to develop an unused space on the estate and develop other ideas.
  • Consultation with over 500 young people in Waltham Forest to explore what the council could do to support young people with housing needs
  • Consultation and engagement with over 1,200 community members for Trafford Housing Trust in Manchester on the co-design for the development of a new community centre.
  • Engagement and consultation in 30 estates across the country for Hanover Housing Association to understand resident views about proposed service delivery model changes.
  • Design and delivery of a large scale community engagement and consultation for the Poplar Neighbourhood Community Budget. This was highlighted as national best practice in community engagement by DCLG.
  • Delivery of 4 consultations for LB Lambeth targeting hard to reach residents to gather data on local priorities for allocation of CIL money.
  • Design and delivery of a consultation with over 1000 members of the community in Poplar on health and wellbeing, commissioned by Poplar HARCA to support them and partners in developing a health strategy for the area
  • Carrying out a consultation with young people on the development of a programme of arts and cultural activity for the library service for Merton Council.
  • Community engagement and consultation with over 1000 people for Brighton CCG and Healthwatch to hear from harder to engage community members to get their views on how health services can be improved.
  • Consultation with over 100 young gang members in Southwark and Lambeth, for Leap Confronting Conflict as part of development of a large lottery bid to run a gangs programme.
  • Design and delivery of an engagement and consultation with young people with special needs and disabilities for Central Bedfordshire Council