Care Sector

care sector

Kaizen has many years experience providing training for professionals in the care sector as well as working directly with looked after children.

Our services for the care sector include:

  • Hearts and Minds Training Programme for potential, or current, foster carers and adopters
  • Recruitment, training and support of foster carers and adopters
  • Leadership workshops for young people in care or leaving care
  • Skills training for front-line staff including RSW’s
  • Conference speaking and attending events
  • Group sessions/supervision for foster carers and adopters
  • Coaching and training for managers

Hearts and Minds Training programme:

Following on from the acclaimed ‘Find Me a Family’ C4 documentary, Kaizen has teamed up with David Akinsanya and developed a series of workshops designed to support potential and current foster carers and adopters to establish and maintain strong and positive relationships with their young people.

Our training is experiential and practical. We have an open, direct, style in which we ask questions that challenge participants to explore the opportunity and challenges of being foster carers/adoptors.

All our workshops are bespoke designs and we can deliver them through individual training sessions or as a 1-4 day workshop depending on the scale of outcomes desired and the needs of the group.

Possible training components include:

  • Making the decision: is fostering/adopting right for them.
  • Qualities and Skills of successful carers including a self-assessment
  • Personal Awareness: examining their thinking, judgements and self-limitations
  • Coaching: exploring the Kaizen model for establishing effective relationships
  • Developing supportive networks
  • Challenging behaviour: identifying the issues and strategies for addressing these
  • Communication and listening skills
  • Building identity: supporting young people to develop their self esteem
  • Transitions: how to support young people to move on successfully
  • Attachment: identifying strategies for creating effective attachments


“The Kaizen teams are reliable, focused and dependable with a fresh approach. They provided quality staffing with a shared ethos and have a commitment to providing services that make a difference. Their blend of creativity and energy, (the ability to think outside the box), combined with their focus and determination, produces results that support organizations.”

Derek Hamilton, former Assistant Director, Barnardo’s