Summer School Leadership Workshop

The DfE evaluations from previous years’ summer schools found that staff felt that the greatest impact was on pupils’ social and emotional wellbeing.

Kaizen are offering an innovative and exciting component for your summer school programme that will support students’ preparation for Year 7 and develops their leadership, communication skills, and self-esteem. Each workshop would be individually tailored for your school and students.

Kaizen have worked with staff and students from hundreds of schools, we were official suppliers of youth leadership training for London 2012, including running their award winning youth leadership programme, and our work has been highlighted as national best practice in youth empowerment.

“I have worked with Kaizen for 8 years because they always deliver. Kaizen’s input into our student leadership programme is very exciting and empowering for the students…. With the more challenging students, some of them would have attained significantly less and some of them I would have expected to be excluded, had it not been for the training.”

Joan Barnes, Principal, The St Lawrence Academy

Our 2-3 day Leadership Workshop could be a key foundation of your summer school programme. It challenges young people to examine themselves and reconsider the way that they think, feel and act. Participants identify new ways of looking at situations, which will support them in being succesful both in school and in their lives.


Workshop Components:

  • Transition: setting a foundation for success
  • Leadership – what it is and the qualities needed
  • Commitment – what it takes to do what you say
  • Exploring how to communicate effectively and powerfully
  • Coach-Player relationship: creating effective relationships with teachers and other adults
  • Actions and consequences – choosing actions that are in your long term interest
  • Listening, communication and presentation skills
  • Looking at judgements and self limitations
  • Responding creatively in difficult situations

“You have completely changed my whole vision of the future.”

“It was great – really opened my eyes and it has improved my confidence with others. I’m going to be able to apply this to everyday life and not just school

I learned that it is a mental self-imposed barrier which stops me from being the person I want to be.

                                                 Participants on student leadership workshops

Summer school participant quotes of what they learned include:

“be more confident”

“how to behave in Year 7”

“how to manage myself”

“not to walk out of a classroom and get distracted”

“I feel more confident and excited”

“I take school more seriously now”

“I listen more to adults”

“to work as a team”



Costs vary depending on number of days and staff required; please contact Kaizen Director, Nicki Zander for more details on 07939 040972 or