Student Leadership Programmes and Pupil Engagement

Schools are now required to demonstrate that they are actively engaging the voice of students in key decision making. Effectively engaging students as educational decision-makers requires teaching young people how to take responsibility for their own learning and raising their aspirations and self-esteem.

We are currently delivering our two / three day Student Leadership Workshops in more than twenty schools in London, and in school clusters. Our approach is relational, and enables the young people to develop their leadership, communication skills, and self-esteem through a commitment to participation and teamwork.
Learning Outcomes:

  • Meets Every Child Matters outcomes: especially “Enjoy and Achieve” and “Making a Positive Contribution”;
  • Leadership students get more involved in whole school discussions;
  • The leadership training has a significant impact on student achievement and motivation.

Workshop Components:

  • Leadership as Ownership, what it is and the qualities needed;
  • Commitment, what it takes to do what you say;
  • Communication, how to communicate effectively and powerfully;
  • Actions and Consequences, choosing actions that are in your long-term interest;
  • Relationships, how to create effective relationships with staff and other young people;
  • Self-awareness, looking at judgements and self limitations;
  • Team work, discovering what it takes to be a successful member of a team.