Enhancing Student Behaviour and Developing Emotional and Social Competence


The work of Kaizen contributes to many of the key skills emphasied by DFeS and SEAL that are needed to develop children’s social and emotional competencies. This includes, promoting a culture of openness, developing skills such as listening, building alliances and staying focused on outcomes, and targeting training and coaching where they are most needed.

Our work develops the capacity of teachers to manage challenging behaviour whilst supporting students to develop their leadership capabilities. As well as introducing teachers and students to new approaches to behaviour management, Kaizen provides ongoing support to translate that theory into practical application.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Support social development in students in all five SEAL skill areas:
  • Self-awareness, managing feelings, empathy, motivation and social skills;
  • Develop staff capacity to manage challenging behaviour;
  • Improve OFSTED performance in ‘personal development and well-being’.

Training and Consulting:

  • Support staff to develop their practice through modelling, workshops, observation, feedback, coaching, and planned and informal meetings;
  • Provide opportunities for staff to work more collaboratively with each other;
  • Work with staff to clarify boundaries and expectations;
  • Support school attendance staff to develop strategies to engage disenfranchised pupils and support them in returning to school;
  • Facilitate workshops for young people, in small groups or classes.