Staff Coaching and Supervision


Raising standards and promoting the personal development and well-being of learners requires responsive and responsible school personnel at all levels. This means creating a culture where, not just management, but teaching and non-teaching staff are developing and taking responsibility for the academic and social success of the school.

Kaizen’s work in schools builds capacity in all staff to take ownership. Our approach is distincitve, in that we address the systematic causes that can affect performance or morale rather than the immediate symptoms. We typically focus on communication and the inability to look outside the box of what is already known or been done before. This means that staff develop skills that they can use in any situation rather than skills that can only be applied in unique situations.

Our staff and contractors, all of whom have a background in education or with young people, have extensive experience providing coaching and training for school personnel at all levels.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop capacity of staff for taking ownership and leadership;
  • Encourage innovation and inclusion;
  • Improve ability of teaching and support staff to advocate and make links to improve systems of education;
  • Improve ability of staff to engage with challenging relationships.

Training and Consulting

  • Leadership, what it is and the qualities needed;
  • Explore how to communicate effectively and powerfully;
  • Take responsibility for their roles and their decision making;
  • Reflect on their practice and develop tools of self and peer evaluation;
  • Identify the different types of challenging behaviour and develop creative strategies to support people to work together effectively;
  • How to manage upwards as well as downwards: creating empowering relationships with your managers as well as your staff;
  • Being clear on desired outcomes and how to achieve them;
  • Developing a culture of resourcefulness versus a culture of blame and complain;
  • Examining the elements to establish and maintain effective teams.