Our Methodology

The Kaizen Approach

An extensive body of research exists that links the focus on young peoples’ strengths and skills to important social and emotional competencies. This approach also emphasises the importance of the school community as an incubator of positive development.

All of our workshops are therefore designed to positively impact the contexts that influence young people over time. Whether working with your staff or pupils, we focus on developing the critical relationships needed to generate support, opportunities and resources.

These link to key outcomes from Every Child Matters and the Self Evaluation Form. In particular those that encourage children to ‘Make a Positive Contribution’.

Key Outcomes of our Training

SEF Outcomes for staff

  • Improve the effectiveness of care, guidance and support
  • Improve effectiveness of leadership and management in embedding ambition and driving improvement
  • Improve effectiveness of the school’s engagement with parents and carers
  • Improve effectiveness with which the school promotes community cohesion

ECM and SEF Outcomes for students

  • Pupils engage more fully in decision-making
  • Increase Pupils’ achievement and the extent to which they enjoy their learning
  • Pupils’ behaviour improves
  • Students develop self-confidence and successfully deal with challenges and changes
  • Students display more enterprising behaviour