Inset Days and Twilight Sessions

In the past 3 years we have delivered training for staff and students from over 350 schools across the country. All our workshops are bespoke – tailored to meet the individual needs of the school and the situation – this is one of the reasons they are so effective.

“It was just what we wanted. A super event, highly recommended, with a superb facilitator to help us develop.”

Maurice Hartnett, Head Teacher, Crown Woods Secondary School

The work of Kaizen is ideally suited to inset days and twighlight sessions: We adopt a consistent approach whether working with Heads, managers, teachers, support staff, pupils and parents / carers. Our approach is relational, creating a culture of openness that supports effective communication and action. Our workshops and coaching result in a school culture where everyone takes responsibility, building alliances and staying focused on outcomes.

Our approach is distinctive, in that we address the systematic causes that can affect performance or morale rather than the immediate symptoms. We typically focus on communication and the inability to look outside the box of what is already known or been done before. This means that staff will leave the day with skills that they can bring to bear on any issue rather than on a narrow skill set that can only be applied in unique situations.

Skill Development:

  • Communicating effectively and powerfully;
  • Reflecting on best practice and developing tools of self and peer evaluation;
  • Identifying different types of challenging behaviour and developing creative strategies to support people to work together effectively;
  • Creating empowering relationships with your managers as well as your staff;
  • Reviewing and using data to support better outcomes;
  • Developing a culture of resourcefulness versus a culture of blame and complain;
  • Examining the elements to establish and maintain effective teams.


Key Content Areas:

  • Parent Engagement
  • Teambuilding
  • Social and Emotional Development and Behaviour Management;
  • Leadership and Management skills for all school staff;
  • Strengthening community cohesion;
  • Enhancing student voice and leadership.

If there is something  you would like an inset day on, that isnt listed above, please contact us to talk about what you are wanting. All our workshops are bespoke and there is a a very wide range of training we can provide due to our  extensive network of experienced trainers.


Our workshop fees include bespoke design and evaluation. Daily rates are between £600-1200 (plus expenses if outside of London) depending on the numbers of staff in the workshop.

“Would love to do this again. This has been excellent staff development. It has brought things alive in the department.”

Waltham Forest, Deputy Head



“I would recommend this course without hesitation. It was interesting, stimulating and I have gained some new techniques that I can use.”

Teacher on a Kaizen Inset Day training