Coaching and Consulting for Heads and Management

Kaizen’s work in schools builds the strategic and leadership capacity of school leaders. Our approach is relational, creating a culture of openness that supports effective communication through skills such as listening, building alliances and focusing on outcomes.

Our work develops the following key attributes of strong leadership that lead to good or outstanding schools highlighted in the Ofsted 2007/08 Annual Report:

  • Establish high expectations throughout the school;
  • Involve staff at all levels;
  • Focus improvement planning on ECM outcomes.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Move from focus on day-to-day systems to strategic vision;
  • Improve ability to manage outcomes through effective relationships and delegation;
  • Improve ability to interpret and use data to support systematic improvements;
  • Improve OFSTED leadership and management outcome and overall performance.

Learning Components:

  • Develop the skills and confidence of staff;
  • Manage upwards as well as downwards: creating empowering relationships with your Governers as well as your staff;
  • Develop creative strategies to support people to work together effectively;
  • Get colleagues to buy-in to your vision;
  • Support and manage underperforming staff;
  • Become clear on desired outcomes and how to support others in achieving them;
  • Develop a culture of equality and inclusion;
  • Examine the elements to establishing and maintaining effective teams;
  • Review performance data and use it to develop sustained improvement.