Community Cohesion and Engagement in Schools

The duty to promote community cohesion came into effect on 1 September 2007, and is now a key outcome for OFSTED. The DCSF Guidance on the Duty to Promote Community Cohesion (2007) emphasizes key responsibilities for schools:

  • Develop links with other schools and community organisations;
  • Promote discussion of a common sense of identity and support diversity;
  • Ensure governors, teachers, pupils and parents are aware of their role in contributing to inclusiveness and partnership working.

We work with Local Authorities, third sector organisations and groups of schools to promote and meet these outcomes.


  • Contributes to duty to promote community cohesion;
  • Improve effectiveness of school’s engagement with parents and carers;
  • Promote openness and greater tolerance in staff and pupils;
  • Engage your school with the wider community in a more meaningful way.

Training and Consulting:

  • Kaizen’s School Participation Model is used as a basis for engaging parents and partners leading to more meaningful participation;
  • We provide training for heads and SMTs in how to use these models to carry out engagement needs assessments that lead to comprehensive engagement strategies and plans;
  • Our work with children emphasises developing shared values through looking at judgement and exploring how to work with people who are different.